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SRI staffs over 200 full-time employees, operating nationwide. We hold the honor of highest customer satisfaction ranking in the industry.

Building Americas Networks 


Our Project History


Site Surveys
As-Built Audits
Engineering Site Audits
DC Power Audits
AC Power Audits
Combining Audits
Equipment Audits
Inventory Audits
Warehouse Audits

Team Projects

CMTS Deployments Edge
Routers/TSV Installs
Network Deployments
Router Installation and Upgrades
SDV Deployments Video
Deployments VOD
Deployments CRAN
Deployments PODS

Cross Functional Projects

Node Splits Cell Tower
Backhaul Headend
Upgrades Headend
Collapses Headend New
Build Hub Augments Hub
Collapses Hub Upgrades
Recombining Projects
Decommissioning Projects
QAM deployments
Spectrum Realignments
POR Program Management
Node Split Project Management
Network Project Management


Combining Rewire
Equipment Forklift Capacity
Upgrades Combining
Upgrades Headend
Upgrades Infrastructure
Upgrades CMTS Equipment
Upgrades VOD Equipment
Upgrades Network
Equipment Upgrades Video
Back Office Equipment